Friday, December 2, 2022

It's not funny - but IT IS!!


Oh, I'm such a bad dog!!!!  Mom let Loki run out of cat food and I'm rolling on the floor! Mom and Loki don't think it's too funny, but little Deucie does! He hasn't said anything, but I bet Dad agrees with ME. 

Okay, let's not judge Mom too harshly. The store didn't have Loki's favorite food, and Mom didn't want to get him something he doesn't like. I can relate. It's happened to me, but I don't prowl around the house screeching about it. I just let Mom put broth over the icky food and then I ate it. 

Mom let him have a spoonful of my canned food to make him happy. That did not make ME happy. That's my meat! 

C'mon, Mom. Let him go outside. He'll catch a mouse or something. He doesn't need my food! 

Mom's going to go to the store as soon as she finishes her coffee. She'll probably get me a bag of Grillers while she's there. That's a good thing. But until she gets back, I'm going to tease Loki because he'd do it to me. 

Yep. I'm a bad dog today (but not really). 

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