Saturday, May 14, 2016

The puppy pool

My auntie C gave me her puppy pool. She's moving to Florida and didn't want to take it. Right away she thought of me. I'm a Labrador Retriever and I like water!

It was a really sunny morning here so Mom planted little flowers in her big pots. I've been told to leave them alone. I'll try to remember. I'll try to remember not to run off with the little garden gnome, too, but I don't want to swear it won't happen. I might forget, you know. 

When she got finished with the flowers, she put water in the puppy pool for me and I splashed around for a while. It was fun! Then Mom dumped the water out and swished it all over the patio with a broom. I don't think I like brooms.  

Mom says it will go out beside Mom & Dad's soaking pool so that on warm afternoons, we can all cool off. 

I think I'd rather get in the pool with them, but Dad put his foot down on that one. He says if I can't be careful when he's getting in and out, I'll have to stay in my crate when he's using the pool. I want to be outside with him so I'll try to remember because I'm Deuce! I'm a good boy! 

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