Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vet? What's a vet?

 What's a vet? What's a puppy doctor? Why? I know I'm fine.

What's that?

He's going to stick me with a what? Are you joking? 

I want to go to my forever home NOW!!


  1. He made out okay on his trip to the vet. He's been cleared to come. We just have to wait until he's officially eight week's old.

  2. Everything is a bit scary at this point because he's just a baby so it's a lot of firsts! So glad he's got the okay. Not long now!

  3. This is me, Roxy, btw. Not sure why Blogger won't accept my name!

  4. Do you have a Blogger id, Ms. Roxy? BTW, did I tell you he weighed in at nine pounds? He's a growing boy :)