Friday, August 18, 2017

Riding along on a Friday night

I got to ride in Mom's Charger tonight! It was great! Mom put my old blanket across the seat and off we went! Dad rode shotgun.

They call it riding shotgun because in the old western movies the stagecoach driver always has someone with him for protection. That's Dad. He protects us.

Anyway, Mom had to go to town to get something called "shock" for the pool. The water got a bit of a green tinge to it and Mom did not like that at all. She's never had that happen before but she knew what to do. Mom knows a lot.

I was surprised when she said I could ride along in her car. I don't get to do that very often. It's okay. I like Dad's pickup a lot better. I have to sit or lie down in the car. I can move around better in the truck. But I do know how to behave in her car. I'm old enough now to know when to be a good dog and this was the time.

We went across some back roads and I got to look out the window at everything. That was cool. I even got to bark at some dude on a mower. Dad was playing with his phone and when I looked between the seats to see what he was doing, he took my picture. I was really studying the phone! You can tell I was! I'm curious about all sorts of things and what's important to Dad is important to me.

What I didn't like is when Mom got out of the car without me. I hate it when she gets away from me. I can't protect her if she doesn't take me with her. I was really glad she wasn't in the store very long. She went in, got what she needed, and came straight back. I let her kiss me on the head when she got back in the car. 

It was a nice outing but I was glad to get home. We left before I ate my dinner - my fault, not Mom's. I could have had my dinner earlier because it was in my bowl, but I decided to wait. So while Mom put the Shock in the pool, I chowed down. I was hungry!

I'm Deuce! I'll sleep good tonight 'cause my belly is really full. 

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