Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's an eclipse?

Mom and Dad talked about something called an eclipse for a couple of days. I didn't get it. The sun and the moon do their things. The sun shines and I wake up so I can play and eat. The moon comes up, it's bedtime, and Mom and I go to bed. But parents are a little crazy sometimes and they seemed to think the moon passing between the sun and the earth was a big deal. 

The big deal for me was Mom came home to spend the afternoon with me and Dad. She fixed sandwiches to eat on the porch and that was a good thing. Like, really good. I love ham and cheese! 

While Mom and Dad sat outside, I snoozed inside Mom's office. She left the door open so I could go in and out through my fancy screen, but the deck boards were a little hot for my paws. Inside was better. 

Everything was normal for awhile. The nutsy squirrels were running around, the birds were singing. I even heard a hawk. But then it got really quiet. I didn't hear anything except the rooster who lives down the road. Mom and Dad talked but they almost whispered. It looked sorta different for being in the middle of the day. I thought about coaxing Mom to play Frisbee in case I had my times mixed up and it would be bedtime soon, but then everything went back to normal. 

Dad said it was all over and he was ready to go back inside where it was cooler. Mom said okay and they came inside with me. 

I don't guess I'll ever understand the excitement about an eclipse. Mom says it won't happen again in my lifetime so I'm really glad we got to share it as a pack. 

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