Sunday, April 15, 2018

Busy morning; rain coming

I'm feeling a lot better today. Friday and Saturday were the pits but when Mom and I got up this morning, I was hungry. I ate two whole cups of my dog food (I get four a day) and a half a can of the fancy digestive stuff Mom got from my vet. I felt pretty perky after that! 

Mom and Dad had a few things to finish outside. Dad had to put the battery charger on the Craftsman mower yesterday. Dad took the charger off and Mom started the mower and drove it out and back our lane, then parked it in the shed. I trotted along beside her but I didn't run fast or anything. 

Cousin Dave was out in his yard so we went down and said hello to him. Dad checked out the John Deere for something he forgot yesterday and then Mom parked that behind the shed. I didn't mean to do it, but I got in the way a little bit. Dad didn't yell at me. He just looked me in the eye and said MOVE. So I moved. Dad means it when he says MOVE.

Then I helped Mom pick daffodils because it's going to rain. Mom checked the screens in the gutters, too. I don't like it when Mom does that. She gets really high up there on the ladder! 

So I'm doing a lot better. Mom says I still have to take all the pills so we can be sure the parasite is dead. I don't mind. The pill is wrapped in a cheese slice. 

I think I'll find a comfy spot to watch it rain. My afternoon nap has nothing to do with being sick. I take one every day. Maybe I can convince Mom to take a nap on the bed with me. I'd really like that. 

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