Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Do green eyes make me special?

Mom didn't have to go to work today. I love, love, love days when she's home with me and Dad. We got up early and took a long walk. We've had so much rain this summer that the creeks are really deep and running fast. It's okay, though. Cousin Chris has a small dam and it's safe for me to hop in the water. 

Our walks can take us across a couple of creeks depending on which way Mom wants to go. The way we went this morning, one creek flows across an old dirt road. It's wide and not too deep, except for one spot Mom stayed away from. But not me. I hopped right in the deep water. It was cold on my belly so I didn't stay there long. I was splashing around and Mom took my picture. Look at my eyes! How cool is that? I didn't know my eyes could do that. 

I'm Deuce! I'm a super dog!! 

I love being a country dog. I think I'd be sad if Mom and I couldn't walk into the woods. In the woods, I can run free and sniff everything. Mom says I should confess I pee on everything, too. Of course, I do! I'm a guy dog!

So after Mom took me for a walk this morning, she and Dad left me alone with that skanky cat Loki for three and a half hours. I heard them say they hated to do it, but Dad had a doctor's appointment in Baltimore. Baltimore must be a long way down the road. Mom said she doesn't mind the highway miles but driving in the city is annoying. Anyway, after they got back from the city, they took me for a ride to make it up to me. We went down to the produce stand and we got a watermelon. It's in the fridge, chilling. Watermelon is good! Come Saturday, I'm going to get frozen treats, I just know it! 

It's late now and I'm ready for bed. Mom says I can go in without her but I won't. I'll stay right here beside her chair until she's done telling the story of my day. After all, being with Mom is what I do best.

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