Monday, October 29, 2018

Not too smart, Dad

It's quiet when Mom isn't home. Every day during the week is much the same. I get up with Mom and we go outside. Then Mom gets ready for work. Right before she leaves, we go outside again and walk to the end of the lane and back. That's almost half a mile! 

Well, we don't go that far if it's raining really hard or if it's really cold, but that's not too often. 

After Mom heads out, Dad gets up. He fixes coffee and we watch a little television. Then he gets dressed and we go in and out the lane again. His power chair goes faster than Mom walks. I have to run some to keep up. Then we have a nap before lunch. After lunch, we nap again.

We don't like to admit to Mom we nap while she's at work, and now, thanks to Dad, she has proof we're the couch potatoes she says we are. 

Dad took a picture of me and Loki snoozing together and sent it to her. 

Dad! Why?! What were you thinking? I mean, I'm in Mom's spot! And to take my picture with that skanky cat? Mom's going to think I'm starting to like him better. She already suspects he and I have an understanding. 

Well, the damage is done for today. I might as well stay on the couch until I hear Mom's car driving back the lane. Besides, she's going to scold Dad, not me.

I'm Deuce! Mom won't mind if I spend the entire day sleeping in her spot. 

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