Thursday, December 20, 2018

I went to work with Mom today

Dad has been in the hospital in a place called Baltimore. It's been boring for me. I've been home alone some and I don't like it much. The upside is Cousin Dave has been looking out for me while Mom takes care of Dad and goes to work. It's fun to spend some time with him. He gives me treats. Today was really special, though. I got to go to work with Mom!

Going to work with Mom is fun. It starts off with a ride in her car. I love her car! Mom doesn't drive fast when I'm in the back so I get to look all around. When we got there, I peed on a bush. Mom laughed but I don't know why. 

Maybe she hoped I'd kill it because she doesn't like the bushes. She once told Dad there are nasty people who use those bushes for drug drops and her employer won't cut them down even though the security cameras have recorded videos. I think Mom should retire and be with me all day. Anyway...

Mom took an old Frisbee along so I'd have something to play with. I was a bit uneasy with all the people who came into her office. They all wanted to touch my Frisbee and I did not like that. 

Mom was working but I'm not sure anyone else was. But most of the time it was just me and Mom. Mom talked to her computer and I chewed on the Frisbee. It was okay but I was really glad when Mom said it was time to go home. 

We had to make a run for the car. It was really raining! Mom opened the back door for me and I jumped too fast and hit my nose. That hurt! Mom laughed at me. That hurt, too, but I earned it. 

It was a fun day but home really is where the heart is. I'm soooo glad I can curl up on the couch with Mom tonight and watch a little TV. It would be better if Dad was here, but he has to stay at the rehab place for a little while. 

He'll be home soon but until then I'll sleep with my head on his pillow. And maybe I'll get to go to work with Mom again. 

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