Sunday, March 3, 2019

I'm insulted!

Daddy dumped his coffee on me! I'm insulted! Don't I look insulted? Yes, I do. Because I AM. 

I was minding my own business. Honest I was! Daddy had just brewed that cup and was headed for his chair. I was watching out for him but he was not watching out for himself. He dropped his cup and hot coffee went all over me. It's a good thing I'm a Lab and have a nice, thick coat with an almost waterproof layer. 

Mom came to me right away and dried me off, even before she wiped up the mess. I'm going to smell funny now. Mom says after Dad makes another cup of coffee and gets out of the kitchen, she'll wipe me down with a clean, wet rag. She doesn't want me to be sticky. That's good because I don't like the sound of "sticky."

I hope Mom hurries up and gets me clean so I can get back to my nap. 

You know... on the sofa. 

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