Saturday, October 10, 2020

Houston, we have a problem

It started out like any other Saturday morning. Mom and I got up around six, and I went out to do all my outside activities. Mom fixed a cup of coffee, and we trotted back to her office.

And that's when it happened. 

Mom sat in her chair and I sat right in front of her like the good dog I am and batted my eyelashes at her. Then I offered her my paw. This ALWAYS gets me snackies. 

Not today.

The jar was empty. 

That's right, folks. The jar was empty. Mom let the treat jar in the office get empty. 

I know I trained her better than that. And instead of immediately going to remedy the situation, she checked her email! I did not like this at all. So I stared at her and tried to send her a telepathic message, which she didn't get. Now she's writing my blog while I sit here starving. 

That right. STARVING. 

No, I'm not being melodramatic. I want my morning snackies. 

Houston, we have a problem...........


  1. *gasp* That is unacceptable! That's it, you're coming to live with me here. I'll have treats for you ALL the time, I promise!

  2. Oh, Auntie Roxy, I know you would. But Mom fixed the problem as soon as I shamed telepathic message got through, and the jar is filled to the rim! This is a good thing.