Saturday, October 17, 2020

We match!

I love Saturdays! Mom is home with me and Dad and we get to go for walks together. Mom already had an orange sweatshirt that matches my vest and she told Dad he needed one - so he got one. Now we all match! It's a good thing. 

We had to wait to go on our walk today. First, it was too chilly for Dad to be outside, and then Mom had to finish making apple butter. I don't think I like apple butter but I overheard them talking about having apple butter with pork. Pork! I love, love, love pork! Pork is .... not what I was talking about. Oh, yeah...

It's hunting season and orange is the best color to wear if you go walking in the woods. Now that Dad has an orange hoodie, he really stands out when he's waiting for us. Mom and I could see him through the woods from a long, long way away. 

Matching is good. Be the pack! 

If Mom makes a pumpkin cheesecake this weekend, I KNOW I'll like that better than apple butter!

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