Saturday, October 3, 2020

It's October again

I've learned it's October again. That means it's hunting season again, and I have to wear my orange vest again. I don't really mind it, but I'm glad Mom ordered me a larger size. I'm no longer a pup, but a full-grown he-dog. I'm big, black, and bad. 

Well, not the bad kind of bad because I behave, but the cool kind of bad. Ask any dog on the mountain and they'll tell you. When I bark, they all shut up and listen! Anyway, I'm a big guy and my old vest is a bit snug. Mom says it's a good thing I'm a big guy, even if I am too tall for the breed standard. I'm still a handsome guy. 

Hey! Mom has an orange hoodie but Dad doesn't. Maybe Dad can put my old vest on his chair! He can use it like a flag! That way all the members of the pack can be safe!

Mom's a little stressed these days so we're walking a lot. She's ready to retire but she's worried about a lot of stuff I don't understand, like insurance. I'm a lucky dog because when I have to go to the vet, Mom and Dad just take care of it. Vets are cheaper than doctors. I don't know what an election is, either, because in the pack, Mom's the boss forever. Except when she's at work, then Dad's the boss. 

It'll be fun when she's home all the time because we'll get to walk a lot more. This is a good thing. 

Today we waited until almost noon to leave the house. Mom and I went outside early and it was a bit cold on my paws so I'm glad she waited. And Dad could come along for part of the way, too, once it warmed up. 

We didn't see anything special on our walk today, and that's okay. It's October again and just being outside makes it a good day. 

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