Monday, December 14, 2020

A long walk on December 13, 2020

dry creekbed

It was a bright, sunny day and Mom asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. 

Mom. For the record, you don't have to ask me that. I'm ALWAYS ready to go on a walk. 

Maybe I should reconsider that position. 

When Mom said "walk" I figured we'd go our usual route. I should have paid closer attention to what she and Dad were discussing instead of barking and prancing in front of the door. Bad me. Hindsight says she was explaining our route and timing to Dad in case he needed to call Cousin Dave to go look for us. 

Off we went and my first clue something was different was we turned right at the end of our lane instead of left. That was fine. I'd been down the road a few times before and I'd even been back the old homestead lane a couple of weeks ago. But Mom didn't turn off on the trail we took before. She kept going. 

We came to another trail and she kept going. Now I was looking over my shoulder at her and wondering where we were headed. We passed a third trail and came to an old, dry creek bed. Mom shook her head and told me that when she was a girl, her and a couple of friends used to have a little dam that you can sorta tell where it was, and a "swimming hole" in that creek. It wasn't very deep, but on a hot summer day it was a nice place to get wet and just hang out after riding their bikes back there. She said I would've really liked the old swimming hole. 

the old pond
After that we turned around and went back. I thought we were going home but nooooooo. Mom turned onto the last trail we'd passed and we headed up a big hill. Then she turned again and pointed to a big circle of weeds she called the old pond. 

Well, okay, it did have a tiny bit of water in it, but a pond? Nope. More like a mud puddle and when I headed for it, boy did I get hollered at! I guess that's off-limits for poor 'lil ole me. Mom did say she was surprised it had any water in it. It used to be a lot bigger and you could float a little boat on it. 

We walked past the mud puddle pond and finally headed downhill. We passed another trail and I realized where we were! We'd been up this trail a couple of weeks ago! Mom really did know where she was going!

I was getting tired by now but I knew our next stop was home. I couldn't wait to get there, get my vest off, and take a nap! 

It was a fun walk. Mom says we'll do it again when the weather is better. We can't go today because it's snowing now. Mom's right. Snow isn't the kind of wet I like. Wet paws aren't so bad, but I don't like to have a wet head. 

Unless I've ducked my head under the water in the creek. That's different. 

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