Monday, December 28, 2020

I saw a lot of people on our walk


Yesterday was a really sunny day, but it was cold. I didn't think Mom would want to go for much of a walk, but she surprised me! She bundled up in this long poofy coat with a hat and scarf and we headed out. We've been going back the old homestead lane lately. Mom likes it that she doesn't have to jump any creeks. She says if she'd slip off a rock, then her would be really cold. 

Mom took a few videos and then today she edited them and put them all together. Humans like to learn new things all the time. So do I if a snackie is involved, but Mom just drinks more coffee. Not my thing.

We saw a lot of people on our walk, too. It was Sunday so Mom wasn't too surprised. She had to put me on the leash three times, not because I'm bad, but because I'm sort of a big dog and people are afraid of big dogs they don't know. I get it, but I'm glad those people know I can protect Mom if necessary. 

I hoped we'd go on a long walk again today, but Mom wasted a lot of time at the computer instead. She knows I'm more fun, but what's a guy to do? We went out for a few shorter strolls to the mailbox and around, but it's not the same as a good long walk. 

The videos Mom took are down below. I think her shadow looked funny, but then she had on a funny hat!

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