Sunday, December 20, 2020

That felt good!

It might be a cool 39F outside, but Dad cranked up the heat to a warm 75F inside. That should have been my first clue, but hey. I was napping. A guy needs naps to stay sharp. 

I should have been paying attention to Mom when she pulled Dad's chair out of the shower and put down a bunch of towels, but hey. I was still napping. Or maybe I was growling at the noise outside. I thought I heard something and needed to alert Dad. He shushed me. 

What gives, Dad? I was doing my job!

Anyway, when Mom called me I went to her only we weren't going to her office. Oh, no. She pointed into the bathroom and I knew what that meant. Puppy shampoo. 

I don't mind getting a bath even though it's not as much fun as the creek. Mom sprayed me, shampooed me, and rinsed me in about five minutes so it was pretty quick. Then she used a bunch of towels to get me dry and I like that! It feels like a massage and what's not to like about Mom giving me a rubdown? 

Well, I didn't like the part where she reamed out my dried my ears, but she had to do that. I'm pretty sure she's going to squirt that icky stuff in them, too. I'm waiting for it so I'm prepared. I've learned the quicker I sit and be still, the faster it's over and done with. I told you - I'm Deuce and I'm a good dog! 

So now I'm all clean and shiny again! And fluffy! I wonder why Mom hasn't told me I smell sweet? 

PS. That's a good picture of 'lil 'ol me. Look at my long legs! 

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