Saturday, December 3, 2022

This is really NOT FUNNY!!

Enough is enough! 

I'm a good dog. I don't pee-pee in the house. I don't chew up anything that has not been given to me for that express purpose. I don't run off. I don't eat cats. I've never ever brought home a girlfriend in 'the family way' and expected Mom to deal with it. And what do I get? I get left home alone in the dark!!

I want to know what is going on here. A couple of weeks ago what did the parents do?  They left poor little Deucie - that's ME - outside in the cold and dark for two hours! Why? I wasn't bad. And last night, they took off in Mom's car and left me home alone! After dark!

What gives? The parents don't go away after dark. Well, Mom goes bowling sometimes, but Dad is home with me. But they both left last night. They went somewhere called City Park to watch some dumb light show! 

They stayed in the car. They could have taken me along, but noooooooooo. 

I don't like this. Okay, it's the holiday season and Mom gets freaky about all the lights, but I've always gone along when they drive around to see everyone's Christmas displays. It's fun and not even some ten-foot tall Santa on a roof can scare me into staying home alone. 

But last night? No excuse, Mom and Dad. I'd better get to go along next year or I'm gonna chew a shoe!!!!!

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