Friday, December 23, 2022

This is how we do it

I remember a long time ago when Mom and Cousin Dave were splitting firewood. I didn't get to help much with that. Dad was on the John Deere and no one had time to throw the ball for me, so I napped on the patio. I don't think I missed too much excitement. 

Well, I did learn that splitting firewood creates a lot of extra pieces that aren't fit to go in the woodstove. Mom piled them up on the brush pile until it was huge! I've been sniffing around it some, but nothing like a groundhog or a skunk tried to live it - that's a good thing. 

Yesterday morning it started to snow. Snow falling on me and getting me wet is not a good thing. It's cold. I don't like it much. Playing in the snow after it stops falling on me is a lot better. Anyway... Mom said that it was the perfect time to burn the brush pile and did I want to help?

That's a stupid question! Of course, I want to help! I'm Deuce! Helping Mom and Dad is a good thing!

The only thing is, Dad didn't go along. 

Mom and me got into the pickup and drove over to the west forty and parked. Mom got out and started the fire, and boy did it burn! We were all nice and comfy in the truck, but Dad wasn't there. I don't like it when we're not all together. And I got bored. I asked Mom if I could get out of the truck and she took me back inside to check on Dad. 

Even with the snow, and then rain, the fire burned for hours. Mom and Dad weren't worried, though. The ground was way too wet for it to spread. The rain eventually put the fire out but not before almost all of it had burned. 

Maybe next time Dad will go along and he can play with me while Mom watches the fire. That would be much better. I wouldn't get bored. 

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