Sunday, May 14, 2023

It was the almost perfect dinner!

My favorite time of day is dinnertime! I know. You're surprised to learn that. But you know - dog. Dogs like to eat. I like to eat. 

Mom made my dinner really special today. I get The Farmer's Dog for dinner and I like it. Today was the beef dinner, which is my number two fave. I'd rather have the pork daily, but Mom says I need a little variety. I disagree, but again - dog. My opinion only goes so far in this house. Mom rules. 

So today was beef. I got part of the beef pack and a handful of kibble because I like to have a little something to crunch. Chewing keeps my teeth and gums healthy, you know. But then Mom showed me more than a little love - she put a fried egg on top!  I love eggs! 

My plate might not look very appetizing to a human, but to me, the Number One Dog around here, it was DELISH! 

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