Friday, May 26, 2023

I need a sidecar!

Sometimes being a dog feels like being a second-class citizen. Mom and Dad try to keep me happy and well-fed, but there are days that is not enough. Take for example those days one of the parents is working with the John Deere 1023. 

I'm allowed to be outside most of the time when Mom and Dad are working. I know to stay out of the way of the tractor. I'm a smart dog and I learn stuff! But it would be sooooo much better if I could ride on the tractor, too!

I love to go for rides! Riding is fun! When I ride along to places I have the back seat all to myself! And best of all, LOKI does NOT get to go along. Stupid cat. 

Look at that face! Don't tell me it doesn't make you feel guilty. I've cultivated that look for over seven years and it has served me well. 

So here's my suggestion to the parents - get a sidecar for the tractor. I mean, come on! Dad's pretty smart. He can figure out how to make one. Mom's got deep pockets. She can fund it. Think of how little Deucie will feel when he can ride on the tractor. He'll be a very happy Deucie! 

C'mon, folks. How difficult can it be to grant a good dog's wish? 

***(Mom to Deuce: Nice try, baby dog, but that's not going to happen.)***

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