Tuesday, August 29, 2023

SHE was here again, and I was on my best behavior

I had to babysit Sadie again. Her parents wanted to go see a Van Gogh exhibit or whatever, so Mom volunteered us to take care of Sadie. Why does she do that? I like my days to be full of whatever Mom and Dad are doing, and with HER here, nothing happens. In fact, the pack watched television the entire time SHE was here. Mom took us out to pee-pee and stuff, but boring. 

I'd had my day all planned out, too. Around dawn, I chase the deer out of the front yard, then watch over Mom as she gets her emails handled. Then we have breakfast and coffee, which means snackies for me. After that, we go outside and do garden stuff, or walk, and then it's chores. Once chores are done, I get to nap while Mom is at the computer again. That was MY plan, which Mom shot all to smithereens. None of my plan happened. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Zero.

I guess it wasn't all that bad, though. Sadie laid down and napped, so I did manage to snap a nap, too. Not my usual, but it had to do. Even though SHE wasn't too bad and didn't smack me in the face this time, I was glad to see Cousin Dave show up to take her home. Does that make me a bad dog? 

Mom and Dad praised me for being a good dog, so that settles it. DEUCE IS A GOOD DOG!!!!

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