Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'll never get my parents to grow up!

C'mon Mom and Dad. Did you guys really have to flash that thing in my face?

Okay. It's a BarkCam app. I get it, kinda. I'm not sure what an app is but I know you have fun with them. 

I know you don't really have a duck in your cellphone, so how'd you make that noise? 

And what's with the pink hat? I'm Deuce! I'm a country dog! You should have put a John Deere hat on me. And that had better be a Bud Light since that's what Dad likes. 

Have you guys stopped to think you're having way too much fun at my expense? Don't you have something better to do? Like feed me treats? 

I never imagined raising parents would be such hard work, but it's okay as long as you keep telling me I'm a good boy. 

But lose the BarkCam. It's just a step too far. 


  1. Have young parents is a very good thing, Deuce! Well, at least young at heart....
    You look very cute with your pink cap. Real men aren't afraid to wear pink, you know :)

  2. Oh, woof, Anuntie Roxy. Pink is for girls and I know this because Mom's John Deere hat is pink and Dad's is black. I'm Deuce! I look good in black!