Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This is not something to play with

Having Mom home on a vacation day means I learn a lot of stuff. A few days ago I learned the big brown spiders are not live toys. I was tracking one across the patio and Mom got all excited. And not in a fun way, either. 

She told me if the spider bit me on the nose, I wouldn't have a nose left. I'm not sure what she meant, or how that could happen, but I know Mom was serious so that's good enough for me. 

I will not play with spiders. 

Today, Bill the Bug Man came. Mom knows him through where she works. He came and sprayed all around the house and patio for bugs, and especially spiders. He came over to my crate and said hello. I liked that! 

I'm a little insulted. I don't think Mom trusts me to leave spiders alone. But I guess it's okay. She just wants me to be safe. She said I'm only six months old and I might forget. 

I guess she has a point. I'm Deuce! I'm a good dog! But sometimes I need to be reminded of what to do - and not to do. 

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