Monday, July 4, 2016


I came so close to getting in trouble yesterday. Like, really close. Like Mom yelled at me close. 

I'm a dog so I know things. I can hear and smell things Mom and Dad don't seem to notice. I can see things, too, although Mom doesn't miss much. She sure saw me....well, I'm getting to that. 

It was dark outside and I heard something, only I didn't know what. Mom asked me if I had to pee so I barked and ran to the door. That's how I tell her yes when she asks if I have to go. The truth was I wanted to figure out what it was I heard. 

Mom opened the door and there it was! This - this- this- THING was sitting right under Mom's car! Mom is particular about her car so I knew this wasn't good. I barked at it and it took off like a rocket!

So I chased it. 

Mom was not pleased I disappeared into the woods after dark. I'm black. I vanish in the dark. She yelled at me to "come" but by the time I did, I was in trouble.   

I didn't go far. That little thing was quick and it got away. I went back to Mom and she yelled at me - for chasing the "rabbit" where she couldn't see me. 

She finally forgave me, but I get it now. Chasing rabbits is okay. Chasing rabbits after dark when Mom can't see me - not so much. 

But if that rabbit comes back in the daylight, his butt is mine, mine, mine. 

I'm Deuce! I can run really fast!

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