Saturday, October 22, 2016

A really full Saturday morning

Mom and Dad have been uber busy the past two weeks. I'm not sure I was any help as they got the yard and house ready for winter, nor do I understand the fuss. Winter will come no matter what. I don't know how I know that, but dogs know lots of important things. Even little puppies know stuff. 

Dad's been on the mower a lot, chopping up leaves. He installed a new set of steps on the sunroom porch, too. Mom loves them, but I think it's easier to jump off the porch. Faster, too. Dad chopped off all the hosta and now my pee spots are gone. Really, guys. Was this necessary? Now I have to go all the way into the woods and find a tree.

This morning, Mom and Dad took Dad's truck for its semi-annual oil change. I wasn't happy because they put me in my crate. I mean, I got a griller treat and everything, but I would have gone along! It would have been fun! I didn't really need a nap.

Mom got home first and right away she busted me out of jail. We went outside and walked down the lane to meet Dad. I picked up what I thought was a ball - I'll never do that again. It was a walnut and it was nasty. Mom had the nerve to laugh at me and point out that she'd said "no" and I didn't listen. I really need to listen to Mom.

It was a bit chilly but I jumped in the creek anyway. I'm Deuce! I have a really thick coat so the cold water doesn't bother me much. Then I spotted Dad's pickup coming up the road. Mom and I got in and I smelled something really good on the drive up the lane to the house. Mom and Dad went to breakfast (without me) but they brought me a scrambled egg and a sausage link!  It's a good thing, too, because my bowls were empty. 

What wasn't good was Mom made me STAY to get pieces of sausage. I don't like to stay but it was okay - this time. 

After my snack, Mom took me out to play Frisbee. It was a busy morning! I wonder what we'll do next?

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