Sunday, October 9, 2016

I'm so stylish for fall!

Fashion isn't just for girl dogs. I have a sporty new vest for long walks with Mom. Now, I ask you - am I not handsome in orange? Isn't orange the new black? I am firing on all four paws! 

I wasn't sure I'd like dressing up to go for a walk, but Mom explained the woods are full of nutjobs with rifles. She says just because they have a license to hunt doesn't mean they know the difference between a deer and a goat, or even a black dog. So between now and Christmas, I'm wearing orange. 

Mom's wearing orange, too. She says she's a little embarrassed to wear Dad's Baltimore Orioles windbreaker, but she will. I thought she liked the O's. They must have sucked this year. I know Dad yelled at them through the television plenty of times. 

But back to more important stuff - ME! 

It was a great day to go for a walk. I got in the creek every time our path crossed it. I even went down the big hill to the bottom where the cold spring bubbles out of the ground and becomes a different creek that flows into ours. It was a long way down, and even longer on the way back up to Mom. I don't know if I'll do that again even though Mom said I could. 

I was really glad to get home and get a snack. I ran so much Mom gave me an extra cup of puppy chow. Keeping me trim is important, but I'm still a growing boy. I just hope she doesn't take that cup off my dinner portion. Maybe I shouldn't give her any ideas, huh? 


  1. Don't you look adorable in orange! Well, you look adorable, period, but even moreso in orange :) Sounds like you had a great time and anything that earns you an extra cup of chow, I saw it was worth it, uh?

  2. I really enjoyed the extra puppy chow. I love, love, love puppy chow. Mom and Dad are taking me to Lowe's so I can't have my dinner until we get back.