Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mom & Dad keep track of me

One of Mom's friends sent her an email to ask about my collar. It's very special. It has my name on it, so it really is mine! mine! mine!  It also has a global positioning device (GPS) on it. 

I didn't like it at first. I thought Dad didn't trust me, but now I know it's not that at all. Mom and Dad really love me and don't want me to get lost in the woods. But I won't get lost. 

When Mom and I walk in the woods, I mark my trail. I can find my way back home by scent if Mom wanders off without me. 

Maybe we need a tracker for her. 


  1. Deuce, you handsome boy you!
    Well, what about you teach your Mom to mark your trail just like you do? Then that way, if she wanders off, you can find her! Tell her I said that, she might like the idea! :)