Saturday, September 22, 2018

It's about time he did something useful!

I've been watching and waiting to figure out just why Mom wanted a kitty-kitty. I've really wondered why she picked LOKI, but that's another blog. Last night, that darn cat finally showed me what his real job is.

Loki caught a mouse.

Mom says the little mice always come inside when the nights start to get cooler. They're looking for a place to winter. Sure enough, one got in.

When Mom came home from bowling last night, we couldn't find Loki. He usually comes when Mom calls him, but he didn't. So we looked down the basement stairs and called him. Wouldn't you know it, this little dark thing darted past the foot of the stairs with Loki in hot pursuit.

Well, right away I barked. Mom asked me if I wanted to go down and help him. Um, no. I didn't. I remember when Shooter would catch a critter. Icky. I just say no to rodents.

Anyway, Mom went downstairs to get a closer look at what was going on. Then she came up and told Dad about it. Sure enough, this morning the mouse was lying beside Loki's food bowl. Mom disposed of the body. At least Loki didn't chew it up. Icky. Really icky.

I guess it's okay that Mom got a cat if the cat is going to catch mice. I'm still number three in the pecking order. It's Mom, Dad, Deuce, Loki around here and that cat better remember it. He'd better keep up the good work, too. Mom will appreciate it. 

I'm Deuce and my job is looking out for Mom and Dad. I'll leave the mice to Loki.

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