Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It's almost autumn

Mom's been really busy. She's been using all her spare time to finish a story. Now that it's done, she has to send it to a writer friend to be proofread and a whole bunch of other stuff that went over my head. I'm glad she's finished with it because I'd started to worry about little ole me. I really hate it when Mom doesn't take me out for a walk. 

Okay. Mom just reminded me it's also been raining and I don't like rain. So maybe it's not all her fault I've been cooped up practically all summer. Mom said the last time we walked in the rain, I got soaked. I guess it's true a dog doesn't remember everything, but I remember a lot. 

Mom says it's almost autumn again. That's our favorite time of the year. We go walking the old road a lot more in autumn because of the hunters. I have to wear my orange vest which makes me look very stylish. Mom wears an orange hoodie, too. 

Last night, we heard the screech owls. I heard them first and growled so Mom went to the door. When she heard them, we stepped out onto the porch to listen for a few minutes. They sound really spooky. I went back inside first to try to get Mom to come in but she's stubborn when she hears owls. 

Maybe we'll be able to do some fun things this autumn that we can blog about. There's only so much to say about rain, isn't there?

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