Sunday, September 30, 2018

I smell sweet!

Mom told me I would get a bath this morning. I knew she was serious about it. When she called me and pointed into the bathroom, I just went ahead and stepped into the shower. 

Showers are sort of fun. Mom puts a big towel down in the base so my paws don't slip. Two more big towels are on the floor for when I step out. And then Mom has two towels she dries me with after I shake. I have to shake in the shower before I get out so I don't mess up the entire bathroom. Somehow I always manage to get lots of black fur on the glass shower doors. 

Mom always gets in with me. That's fun. We both get clean! Mom doesn't have to shake off, though.

A bath feels good. I'm Deuce! See how fluffy I am now? 

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