Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mud flaps

It was a beautiful weekend! It was sunny and warm and Mom and Dad were outside for hours and hours. And when they're outside, Deuce (that's me!) is outside.

We were really busy, too. On Saturday, Mom watered all the flowers and tomatos in the big flower pots. Then she cut off the old blooms from the rose bushes, and sprinkled the bushes with some stinky white powder that made me sneeze. She told me to stay away, but I didn't listen. Next time I will.

Then Mom did a water test on the pool. I don't get it. Water is water, but she said it needed a bit of baking soda to make it soft. When Dad came outside, we all had coffee on the patio.

I don't like coffee. I'll stick to water without baking soda in it.

Dad had to fix the tailgate hinges on his pickup. He said they were really old and got rusty. Is 1999 a long time ago? Mom helped him. Then they put this metal contraption on the back of the truck so Dad can haul his fancy chair wherever he goes.

I was soooo tired Saturday night, I slept on the bed with Mom and didn't move at all!

Then today I got to help Dad put mud flaps on Mom's shiny red car. Mom's real particular about her car and doesn't like it to get too dirty. I'm not allowed to pee on the wheels EVER. It was fun helping Dad but I got bored and found a stick to play with.

Mom took a picture of me helping. Boy, I'm really growing up fast!

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