Monday, June 20, 2016

What'd I say?

I told you that people are nuts, and Mom's do weird stuff. Now I got proof.

Today, I was playing with Dad and I lost a baby fang - the upper right baby fang. It didn't surprise me because it's been bleeding a little bit so I knew it was ready to fall out. I'm glad I didn't swallow it, though. It's really pointy and it might have hurt the other end of me! 

Mom says it's a canine tooth. I heard her tell Dad the first puppy tooth she saved belonged to Callahan. I never knew him but Mom says he was a good dog, just like Jett was a good dog. She has one of their puppy teeth, too.  

Not to disrespect Mom, but I'm gonna call my canines my fangs. I'm a guy dog and I need to have a tough-guy front for when the deer come around. I'll show 'em my fangs. Doesn't that sound bigger and badder than showing the deer my canines? Anyway, I lost the tooth and Dad picked it up and gave it to Mom. Now Mom plans to keep it. Why?

Because Mom is a human, and humans are nuts. 

She's talking about stuff called DNA and winning the lottery and getting something called a clone of Callahan and Jett - and a second me. 

A second me? I don't think so! I'm Deuce! I'm an original!

I think she might be pulling my tail. 

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