Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stop and smell the lilies

Mom works really hard. She leaves the house about seven o'clock in the morning and doesn't get home until about five in the afternoon. I really miss her during the day, but she says "no work, no buy puppy chow." I like puppy chow so I guess it's a good thing Mom has a job. 

When Mom's home on the weekends, she says we have to stop and smell the roses. 

Well, I did that. Roses have thorns and I do not like thorns. They hurt my nose. But today I discovered that lilies smell good, too. And they don't have thorns! 

Mom is really happy about this lily. It's the only one the deer didn't eat the buds. Next year, when I'm full grown, the deer had better watch out for me. 

I'll protect the lilies. 

I'm Deuce, and this is MY yard!

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