Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wearing the snowflake collar

Mom likes to take my picture with her phone. Sometimes it just doesn't work out so well. She wanted a picture of me in my new-to-me snowflake collar but I was antsy and wouldn't pose. 

Mom told me this collar used to belong to Jett and that not just any pup would be allowed to wear it. She put most of Jett's things in his grave with him. She said there were two reasons for doing that. One, they were his things and they belonged to him. And two, a new puppy deserved his own bowls, toys, and collars. Mom kept the snowflake collar as a keepsake. 

She had the collar on her desk for a few days before she let me wear it. I thought she was going to put it away again, but then she said it was now mine. Mom told me it just proves I'm special. 

Of course I'm special! I'm Deuce! 

Thanks, Mom! 

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