Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mom's writing today

Mom's on vacation this week which means she's home with me and Dad. I really like that. She said today was her "don't bother me I'm writing" day. 

I was a little worried about that idea. Sometimes I'm a bother even when I don't want to be. But Mom said it was okay for me to keep her company if I planned to be quiet and nap. So I did.

Then Dad came to fix the door because it was sticking in one corner. Too much damp weather caused it is what he said. After he fixed the door, he took a picture of me under Mom's desk. Mom really liked it because she never gets to see me under her desk from the front. 

Mom says I'm a good dog and she likes that I want to be with her. I like she wants me to be close to her. 

I'm Deuce. Helping Mom write is what I do.

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