Friday, May 5, 2017

We have a new office

Mom decided to move her office to the sunroom and I think it was a great idea. The sunroom has windows for me to look out and keep an eye on those skanky deer. The windows in Mom's old office were too high. I had to put my paws on the window sill to look out and Mom did not like me to do that. 

Anyway, Mom leaves the blinds up so I can stretch out in front of the door and have a good view. 

It wasn't much fun when Mom was moving furniture. She was a real bear. It must have been hard work maneuvering all that heavy awkward stuff in and out of doors. I wasn't much help at first. I got in the way and ended up in my crate for an hour. Then I understood - stay out of Mom's way when she's carrying stuff, sliding stuff, flipping stuff, and rearranging stuff. 

Another thing I really, really like is I can rest on Mom's bed and keep an eye on her. The sunroom was built on to her bedroom for her to have a private room. Last night I tried to get her to turn off the computer and come to bed, but she ignored me. So I took a nap on her pillow.

Mom says she needs to get a rug set, whatever that is, and then she'll be all settled in. Dad has to fix a piece of moulding that got broke - I did not do it.

I hope Mom likes her new office. I think we'll have a lot of fun watching all the critters and sitting on the porch. And of course writing, but I'll leave that to Mom. 

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