Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My special screen door

We had a big day again today. Mom and Dad worked in the yard and I was with them every step of the way. 

We played Frisbee, pulled weeds, and burned a brush pile. Last year I was younger and they didn't allow me anywhere near a fire. I had to stay in my crate. This year I got to play in the woods nearby AND carry sticks to Mom. 

Mom always thinks about things I need. Now that we're in our new office, we have an outside door. If I need to go outside for 'you know', Mom can let me out right away. Well, apparently I was being a bit pesky by running in and out. I love sitting on the porch but then I'm not beside Mom. It's difficult to make up my mind sometimes.

That all changed today. Dad bought a fancy screen and Mom put it up today. It's pretty cool. It's two panels and the way they stay together is with magnets. All I have to do is push a little bit and it opens! Mom doesn't have to open the door for me now. I can do it myself. How cool is that? But I can only go in and out through the screen when Mom is in the office. 

After Mom and Dad got everything done they wanted for the day, it was nap time. Well, I took a nap. They watched a couple of episodes of Heartland. After supper, Dad drove us to this place that has ice cream. I had a puppy cup of vanilla and it was so good! I hope we get to go again. 

On the way back, Dad stopped so I could get in the creek and splash around for a couple of minutes. The water was really cold and I didn't play very long. 

It was a really busy day. We'll all sleep really well tonight.

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