Friday, May 19, 2017

It's all in a dog's day

It's been a busy week. Mom went to her day job office every day. I wish she could stay home with me, but she says she has to work in order to keep me in Frisbees and kibble. I like it when she can work from home. She doesn't get to do that nearly enough.

While Mom is away, Dad and I stick to our routine. I like to go back to bed with him for a little while so we can talk. Well, he talks and I listen and then we get up. Dad lets me out again if Mom reported I didn't do all my outside activities. After coffee, Dad gets dressed and we go out together to play Frisbee. Dad sits in his fancy chair and we walk out and back in the lane so I can check on everything.

Before lunch, we do Frisbee again. After lunch we Frisbee and walk. This is my third walk because Mom and I walk before she goes to her pesky day job. Then it's nap time. (Oh no! I wasn't supposed to tell Mom about our nap time!) After that, Mom comes home and it's always a surprise as to what the evening brings. We might play ball, or go for another walk, or even go check out how cold the water is in the creek. We did that last night.

I like my routine. It's good to know what the day will bring and it makes going for rides with Dad more special since they don't happen all the time. Mom says her spring vacation is coming soon and we'll do fun things like go down to the aqueduct to swim. It'll be great to have Mom home even if it will bust my routine to smithereens. That's a new word Mom used. 

Dad says this summer I'll be able to help him outside more. Last summer I was just a little guy and had to stay in my crate while he mowed and stuff. Dad says as long as I don't wander off on my own, I can hang out in the yard with him. I'm good with that.

I'm Deuce. Keeping an eye on Dad is what I do. 

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