Wednesday, April 13, 2016

All by myself?

Another big night! Not only did I start Super Puppy class, I got to ride in the back seat of Dad's pickup all by myself!! 

I wasn't sure I'd like being back there alone, but I had room to stretch out so I guess it was okay. 

Mom says I'm getting too big to sit on her lap. She says I'm starting to look like a miniature Lab and not a little puppy. 

Super Puppy class was fun! I got to run through tunnels, weave in and out of the cones, and jump some hurdles.  I was so busy I didn't get to make friends with everyone, but I like Eli and he likes me. 

Mom says we'll go back next week. I sure hope we do! On the way home, I was so tired I slept on Mom's lap. So maybe I'm not growing too fast, at least not yet. 

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