Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's what I do

Mom wants to get another cat. It seems, unlike me, Shooter actually performed a vital function in our house. He was mouse control, and I know that's not an easy job because mice are sneaky. 

Dad says one of my jobs is security, but it doesn't feel like an important job to me. Oh sure, I bark at the deer and chase a few squirrels, but that's all dog stuff. I'd keep my parents safe from critters even if it wasn't my job. 

Yesterday, the DirecTV man came to fix a problem Dad was having with his techie toys. I'm not allowed to chew the remote. Anyway, Dad put me in my crate. Now I ask you - how can I keep Dad safe if he treats me like a felon? It proves my point this security gig isn't all that important. 

But I guess keeping Mom safe on her walks is kind of important. I'm following in some big paw steps when we walk. Callahan and Jett never let anything happen to her when they walked. And I won't, either. 

I'm Deuce. I'm a good dog, and I walk with Mom.

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