Saturday, August 13, 2016

Let's swim!

It's really hot outside. It's so hot Mom and Dad said they weren't doing any chores today. Instead of work, they said it was a good day to go to the river. I didn't know if I would get to go, but then Mom put my special no-slip collar on me and I knew I was going, too!

I was very well behaved in Dad's pickup. I've learned how to ride in the truck. 

First stop - Micky D's! I love, love, love Egg McMuffins with real bacon. I wish we could have them every day, but they're for very special occasions. Mom said I'd burn off the calories at the river. 

(Darn. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone I had people food again. Mom says some folks go nuts about that, but it was only one little egg and some scrawny bacon. Really.) 

After we wolfed down our breakfast... I like that word. Wolf. Wolf is a really good word. It makes me feel big and bad. Anyway, we drove down to some place called River Bottom. 

Wow, oh wow! I didn't understand what the river was but it's water! Sheets of moving of water! More water than what's in the creek! So much water I could swim in it! I didn't even know I could swim! I love to swim!

I wish Mom could have shot a video, but she was in the river with me to make sure I didn't get too far away from the shallow water. She's right. If she'd taken me off the leash, I might have floated away and that would not be good. But now that we know I can swim, Mom and Dad say they'll take me to the river more often so I can practice. 

When we came home, I was so tired I sacked out on the floor and took a nap beside Dad's chair. Mom came and asked if we were both still alive and then she snapped my picture. She really doesn't like it when Dad and I get too quiet. She knows us too well. 

I'm Deuce, and I'm a good dog, but I'm going back to sleep. I'm knackered!


  1. Oh WOW! You scored an Egg McMuffin! You lucky pup. It really is a big treat for a growing boy like you :) And swimming in the river! Sounds like you have the hang of it already. You really deserved that big nap afterwards :)

  2. Auntie Roxy, he wants to go again. First thing this morning I left him out and he went to the pickup and sat down. I had to snap a leash on his collar to get him to come back inside the house. - Mom

  3. Hahaha!!! Well, can you blame him? And I wonder what he wants more, the Egg McMuffin or the swim? LOL!!

  4. If I fixed him an egg, he'd forget about everything else. He *talks* a good game, but food is #1 in his Lab heart.