Friday, August 19, 2016

Out of the Whistle zone

Yesterday I rode with Dad down to the gas station. He needed to fill the gas cans so he could fuel-up the mowers to cut the grass. 

I'm not sure I like the mowers. Man, are they loud. And they create a bunch of particles in the air. Everyone sneezes after Dad cuts the grass. 

Anyway, I got to ride along. Dad called Mom to let her know I was going out of the Whistle zone. I like when they talk on the phone during the day. I get to hear Mom's voice and know she's okay. I'm not sure what the Whistle zone is, but it must be important. 

Well, when Mom got home from work, I heard her tell Dad it was really stressful when she knew I was away from home without her. She was afraid I wouldn't behave for Dad. She knows I'm so strong now could inadvertently knock Dad on his butt. (How's that for learning a big word?) 

But I did behave! I stayed in the backseat the whole time the truck was moving. The only time I stuck my head out the window was when Dad was pumping gas and I wanted to see what he was doing. 

I was so good Mom made me watermelon treats! 

Maybe once the weather cools down I'll get to go with Dad more often. He says it's just too hot to leave me alone in the truck for even a few minutes. He's got to be there with me, like yesterday. 

Besides, if he leaves me in the truck alone, Mom says her head will explode and I do NOT like the sound of THAT! 

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