Saturday, September 17, 2016

I made it into the big pool!

I made it into the big pool! Yeah, I cheated a bit. Mom and Dad were draining all the water out for the winter. They weren't watching me too closely and I hopped in. 

What fun!! I splashed around for a bit, then Mom asked me to get out. She said my toenails might rip a hole in the bottom and that would make Dad very unhappy because he'd have to buy a bigger pool next year.

He should buy a pool I can swim in! I love to swim! 

Mom said she'd try to get up early tomorrow so we can sneak into the state park and I can swim in the lake before the rangers are even awake. I think that's a good plan. 

She also said next summer we're going to build our own dam upstream in the creek. A private spot for Mom & me to have fun just below where the clean, clear water comes out of the spring. I like that idea!

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