Thursday, September 8, 2016

Snip Snip Part II

The day didn't start out very well, but it's ending better. I did not feel good this morning. All I wanted to do was sleep and mope around. Then Mom crushed a bag of ice cubes with a hammer - don't let your Mom do that because it makes too much noise. Anyway, Mom made me crushed ice and I love ice. By the time I finished licking up all the bits and pieces, I felt better. And hungry. So Mom gave me breakfast and things started to look up. 

I went to the office with Mom. While she worked on the computer, I slept a bit more. When Dad got up, we all went out on the front porch. Remember when I told you people are crazy? Mom and Dad disassembled the table out there with a big saw and we hauled it to the dumpster. 

Mom was worried I'd be afraid to ride in the truck because of yesterday, but I wasn't. 

Then Uncle Bob came for a visit. I was feeling pretty good but he listened to Dad and wouldn't throw the Frisbee for me. 

I haven't licked my incision hardly at all. Mom took a peek at it and said it's not oozing at all, but I knew that. But, um, my little boy, um, well I'm not sure what to call it but it feels really weird. I was a little worried but Mom and Dad say I'm still a guy dog. I'm glad to hear it, too. 

(Mom wanted a picture, but I'm feeling camera shy tonight. Maybe tomorrow.)

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