Sunday, September 11, 2016

Throw it again!

I love to play Frisbee! I can even catch it every now and then. I'm getting better at protecting my nose, too. It stings when I miss and hit my nose. Dad says I need practice.

Another thing I need to practice is giving the Frisbee back to Dad so he can throw it again. I get so excited I forget! It's mine! Mine! Mine! 

I know Dad's right, and I know I can't chase it if he can't throw it. I'll get better and better and then Mom can get a video. I'm only nine months old. I've already come a long way!

Dad knows when I've played enough for one session. He told me to take the Frisbee to Mom, and then she took my picture. Then I dropped the Frisbee between the porch steps and it's still there. Mom says I have to figure out how to get it all by myself. I hope she changes her mind and gets it for me, but Mom's pretty tough about my toys. 

Guess I'd better ask her, politely of course, how to get it out. Then I'll be more careful. I always am after I've "lost" a toy. After all, they are MINE. 

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