Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow is cool!

I've mentioned a few times how Mom is a little crazy. She still has one of my baby fangs, you know. Last night I knew something was up with her. She kept looking out the windows - all of them. It got so bad I jumped up on the loveseat and took a snooze on her spot and she didn't say a word about it. 

About seven o'clock, she yelled for me. She called me "Deucie-baby" so I jumped off the sofa and ran to her. I love it when she calls me that. I thought we were going to bed early - I love sleeping on the bed - but she opened the back door instead. 

"It's snowing, Deucie," she said, all excited. I went out on the patio with her and sure enough, these little white flakes were falling from the sky. It was weird!

"Wait until tomorrow morning. You'll like snowballs," she said. 

Well, yeah. If it's a ball, I'm gonna like it! Except for the one on New Year's Eve. Can't play with that one. What a dud.

First thing this morning nine deer went through the front yard. I could really see them against the snow. I started to think snow is a good thing. 

As soon as we (I see better than Mom in the dark) could see outside, we went to check out the snow. Mom said we got off easy with the snow - only about two inches. She grabbed a handful of snow off her car and made a snowball. She threw it and it disappeared! How'd she do that? Then she made a snowball and tossed it for me to catch. Snow is really cold. 

We played Frisbee for a couple of throws and then Mom said her feet were cold. Her feet? What about my paws? They were really cold, too! 

Snow seems like a good thing to me. If two inches is fun, I bet a foot is even better. I'm going to listen to Mom and Dad real close the next time they mention snow. Maybe next time I can figure out how snowballs disappear when they hit the ground.

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