Sunday, January 1, 2017

What's the fuss about New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve sure is noisy around here! It's really difficult for a growing boy - me - to get in his beauty sleep. All day, Mom and Dad were talking about the neighbors and their guns and now I know why. 

First off, I'm not sure what the fuss is about New Year's. A day is a day is a day. Except when Mom is home all day. Then it's sorta special. I like my people to be with me. 

So I can watch them. Like a hawk. Their every twitch. I count how many times they walk by the Grillers treats jar and don't give me one. Anyway...

Mom stayed up late to "watch the ball drop." Hey! I love, love, love balls! I KNOW balls. This one was a big dud. Boring. Anyway...

Mom and Dad got smoochy and then the racket began. A bunch of the neighbors started firing their guns. It was really loud! The noise echoed off the mountains and I finally got tired of it. I barked! Mom told me I was a good boy and we ran for the door to go outside so I could bark even louder.

I barked and only a few of my barking buddies answered me. There's a really deep voice up the hill and he wasn't talking. Then there's the female on the lower road (I can tell she's a girl) and she didn't answer me, either. If they don't answer, our network collapses. I only heard from the yappy voice a little north of me and I can never tell if that little dog is answering me or what he's doing. I think he just likes to be mouthy. Anyway...

After I barked a few times, all the shooting stopped. Mom says I'm The Boss. I was really glad it got quiet again because it was way past my bedtime. 

Mom says we'll do it again next New Year's Eve. Seriously? Why? I need my sleep!

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