Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I yielded to temptation - and got away with it

It seems I was "mischievous" last night. Mom and Dad laughed at me and I heard them say it was really Mom's fault. She accepted the responsibility and I didn't get fussed at all. 

Mom took a picture a little while ago so I could explain. And fuss her for a change. 

See my boney on the dining room table? See it lying so close to the edge I can see it? I've got long legs and a long reach. That's my boney and when I saw it on the table, I simply reached over and got it. 

Okay, so I know better than to stick my nose on the table. But Mom and Dad weren't eating. And it was my boney. I'm a smart dog. And slick, too. I didn't make a sound. 

Mom told me I got away with one, and so I did. I bet she'll never leave my boney on the edge of the table again. 

I'm Deuce. I'm a good dog. I'll get Mom trained one of these days. 

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