Monday, September 4, 2017

A big change

Today was very different for me. First off it's something called Labor Day. It sounds sort of fishy to me because a lot of people are on a holiday but Mom and Dad know things I don't. 

The day started out okay. Mom fixed me breakfast. She fed Dad, too. I'd better mention that. Breakfast is important. Then they got ready to go away. I was not happy because when they go away without me, I have to go in my crate and it's boring. But today was different. Mom said I could stay loose in the house! 

I was good all day. They left at eleven in the morning and didn't get home until six in the evening! I really had to pee but I held it all day long - just like the good dog I am. Mom told me she was sorry they were gone so long, but the place they went has no concept of how valuable time is or how important it was to her to get home to me. I think she was more stressed than I was that I had to hold myself for awhile. 

But that's not the strange part of the day. They left in my truck and came home in a different truck. Well, you know I barked like a big dog at first because I didn't know it was them. Mom came into the house and got me lickity-split and showed me how to jump into the new pickup. The back seat has a door on each side! I can jump in from Dad's side and that is so cool. I like it! I bet Dad likes it, too, now that he won't have to go around to the other side to let me in. It'll be a lot easier for him when it's just the two of us. He still needs to put on a set of running boards to make it easier for him to get in and out, and then the truck will be as good as old Silver. I wonder what Mom will name this blue truck?

Mom fixed dinner and then we all went for a ride in the new pickup. I had plenty of room to sit and I can see out the windshield better now. Plus, my windows go up and down! I like that, too. The back seat is what Mom calls a split seat. She says it's a one-third to two-third split. The smaller seat is perfect for me! I might get to sit there when Mom is along. 

I liked the old truck but I'm learning that things change. The new blue truck has made Dad really happy so I'm happy, too. I wonder where he'll take us tomorrow? 

Friday, September 1, 2017

It's still dark outside

Mom is on vacation today. She's awake but she won't take me outside to play ball. I know it's still dark, but I can see really well. If she throws my ball, I'll hear it land and be able to find it. If she'd get me a glow-in-the-dark ball - problem solved!

Hey, Mom! Get thee to Amazon! We're missing valuable play time!!

Why no picture of me? Oh, yeah. It's dark. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's an eclipse?

Mom and Dad talked about something called an eclipse for a couple of days. I didn't get it. The sun and the moon do their things. The sun shines and I wake up so I can play and eat. The moon comes up, it's bedtime, and Mom and I go to bed. But parents are a little crazy sometimes and they seemed to think the moon passing between the sun and the earth was a big deal. 

The big deal for me was Mom came home to spend the afternoon with me and Dad. She fixed sandwiches to eat on the porch and that was a good thing. Like, really good. I love ham and cheese! 

While Mom and Dad sat outside, I snoozed inside Mom's office. She left the door open so I could go in and out through my fancy screen, but the deck boards were a little hot for my paws. Inside was better. 

Everything was normal for awhile. The nutsy squirrels were running around, the birds were singing. I even heard a hawk. But then it got really quiet. I didn't hear anything except the rooster who lives down the road. Mom and Dad talked but they almost whispered. It looked sorta different for being in the middle of the day. I thought about coaxing Mom to play Frisbee in case I had my times mixed up and it would be bedtime soon, but then everything went back to normal. 

Dad said it was all over and he was ready to go back inside where it was cooler. Mom said okay and they came inside with me. 

I don't guess I'll ever understand the excitement about an eclipse. Mom says it won't happen again in my lifetime so I'm really glad we got to share it as a pack. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Riding along on a Friday night

I got to ride in Mom's Charger tonight! It was great! Mom put my old blanket across the seat and off we went! Dad rode shotgun.

They call it riding shotgun because in the old western movies the stagecoach driver always has someone with him for protection. That's Dad. He protects us.

Anyway, Mom had to go to town to get something called "shock" for the pool. The water got a bit of a green tinge to it and Mom did not like that at all. She's never had that happen before but she knew what to do. Mom knows a lot.

I was surprised when she said I could ride along in her car. I don't get to do that very often. It's okay. I like Dad's pickup a lot better. I have to sit or lie down in the car. I can move around better in the truck. But I do know how to behave in her car. I'm old enough now to know when to be a good dog and this was the time.

We went across some back roads and I got to look out the window at everything. That was cool. I even got to bark at some dude on a mower. Dad was playing with his phone and when I looked between the seats to see what he was doing, he took my picture. I was really studying the phone! You can tell I was! I'm curious about all sorts of things and what's important to Dad is important to me.

What I didn't like is when Mom got out of the car without me. I hate it when she gets away from me. I can't protect her if she doesn't take me with her. I was really glad she wasn't in the store very long. She went in, got what she needed, and came straight back. I let her kiss me on the head when she got back in the car. 

It was a nice outing but I was glad to get home. We left before I ate my dinner - my fault, not Mom's. I could have had my dinner earlier because it was in my bowl, but I decided to wait. So while Mom put the Shock in the pool, I chowed down. I was hungry!

I'm Deuce! I'll sleep good tonight 'cause my belly is really full. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Let's talk

It's time for me to have a serious conversation with Mom and Dad. 

Yesterday was Dad's family reunion. I had to spend a couple of hours in my crate. Ok, I get it. They worry I'll get bored and do something they won't like to entertain myself. It could happen even though I'm pretty much all grown up now. I know a lot of things and I know chewing up the throw pillows and digging in the trash can are big no-nos. 

I don't like it when Mom and Dad go away without me. Sure it hurts when my people don't include me, but I understand. Sometimes they just have to go take care of business. 

They said they were going to a family reunion. So how come Mom came home smelling of hound dog??????  I did not like this. 

And I get it that Dad wanted to spend some time with Uncles Bob and Jim playing poker and losing money. (He could have bought a whole big bag of Grillers with that money!) Mom says it's bonding time and I get bonding time is important.  So how come Dad came home at one o'clock in the morning smelling of two different mixed breeds????  Did he think I wasn't going to notice???? 

There had better be some good compensation for this. 

My feelings are a little hurt. Mom has apologized to me. She said if she'd known dogs were allowed, I could have gone along. Dad is still sleeping and I'm going to ignore him until he apologizes, too. 

I'm a good dog. I don't pee on human things. I don't bark much. I don't, nor have I ever, snatched people food off the table. I listen to what Mom tells me. I'm polite and well-behaved when Mom says the situation calls for it.

I'm Deuce, and I'm family, too. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Walking is good!

The rain is gone! I'm so happy that first thing this morning I could go outside and not get wet! I know I'm a Labrador Retriever and we like water, but rain is not water. Rain is rain. It falls from the sky. Water is in the creek. That's the fun stuff!

Mom was happy the rain was past, too. I knew when she got her straw hat, the one she sprays bug repellant on, we were going for a walk. I love to go for walks with Mom!

We live out in the country so we have lots of places to go where we don't see cars. Mom knows all the best roads and paths, and where the best spots in the creeks are. We were out for almost an hour and didn't see a car or a person until we got back to our road. I didn't have to go on the leash once and I think that's a good thing. Being more mature is starting to pay off with extra privileges. 

Mom took a video to show Dad how I keep an eye on her when we're out alone. I always look back to make sure Mom is where she's supposed to be. And when I go to her and sit, I get a treat! 

When we got back, Cousin Dave had Bella with him. I think I scared her because I got all excited and wanted to play. I ran around and around and she wouldn't join me. Maybe some day. She's younger than me, you know. 

I was pretty tuckered when I got home. I stretched out on the floor beside Dad's recliner and took a quick nap. I did earn it, after all. 

I'm Deuce. Helping Mom get all her steps in for the day is what I do. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rain, rain go away

I think the fun Saturday I hoped Mom and I would have is a bust. It's been drizzling all morning. Mom says it's dreary. That may be so, but it's also very boring. It's Saturday. Mom is supposed to do fun stuff with me on Saturday. 

I asked her as nicely as I know how to take me for a walk but she said she needed to check the radar. I wasn't sure what "radar" was code for, but now I know. 

I do not like radar. Checking the radar means I don't get to go for a walk. Radar means more rain is coming. 

This is going to be a long day. How many naps can one energetic pup have in a day? I guess I'm about to find out. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The end of the free range puppy

It happened just like Mom and Dad said it would. They installed railing on two sides of the sunroom porch. I'm staring at the deer through bars. It's the end of the free range me. 

Mom's rolling her eyes at me. She says it's not that bad but she's tall enough to look over the Does this look like my happy face? 

I guess having railing isn't all that bad. I can still see the deer but they can't see me. Or maybe they can but since I'm behind bars they're not scared of me. They forget I'm descended from wolves. 

It could be worse. Mom and Dad could put railing up on the center section of the deck. Maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas. That section is only a couple of inches off the ground. I'd have to be really careless to slide off that part. And the part of the deck at the front door is only about a foot or so high. I jump on and off there all the time. Watch out for the rose bushes, though. They're sort of thorny, if you know what I mean.

Mom says that by Saturday morning I'll be used to the railing. She says she'll take a treat jar outside for me while she has her coffee. We'll just see about that. 

I'm Deuce. I know a bribe when I hear one. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Saturday Morning Stroll

It's been raining for days and days and days and days. Rain is sooooo boring! I've been stuck inside except for really short trips to do my "outside" activities and few rounds of Frisbee and ball between showers. Did I mention I've been bored? 

Anyway, it was cloudy this morning. Mom said it wasn't going to rain and we were going for a long walk so I could burn off some energy. (I think she was antsy, too, but don't tell her that.)

Mom has a special little purse she takes on our walks. It carries her cell phone and treats for me. She got it ready, sprayed on some bug repellant, and off we went. 

First off, we saw cousin Dave out in his yard checking to see if the grass was dry enough to mow. We said hello and moved on. Then I jumped into the creek above the dam cousin Chris built. The water is really deep now! After my swim, me and Mom went into the woods. We went a bit farther than we usually do and it paid off. We saw a spotted fawn! 

I wanted to run up to it and sniff it all over but Mom said no. She said it was so little I'd scare it so I listened to her. She tried to take a photo but it ran away before she could. She said it was okay because she already had a baby photo in the file she could use for my blog. It was pretty cool to see a newborn fawn. I'll try to remember I shouldn't chase the babies. 

When we got home, Dad wanted to go to Lowe's so we all jumped in his pickup and went. It didn't take us long because Dad knew exactly what he wanted. 

I was really tired after that. I stretched out under Mom's desk and took a nap while she worked and Dad mowed the grass. Maybe we can go for a long walk again tomorrow. That would be great because I might get to see the fawn again. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dogs know about freedom, too

And I thought it was noisy on New Year's Eve! Boy, was I wrong. Saturday night was the worst! 

So humans here have this thing called the Fourth of July. Independence Day.  It happens every year but I'm not sure I remember anything about it from last year. Of course, I was just a little guy then.

Mom was going to buy me a special collar for what she calls "the holiday weekend." It would have been okay with me. Maybe next year.  

Anyway, this Independence Day is a Big Deal where I live. The neighbors light up firecrackers and have parties with bonfires. The dragstrip has fireworks that are really loud. They echo off the mountain but that's better than the firecrackers that make annoying popping sounds. 

I wanted to run and go see what was going on but Mom and Dad said I had to stay in the yard. They're both happy I'm not scared when I hear a loud BOOM. What's to be scared about? It's only a noise. Noises are to be investigated.

Mom says it's important to remember a lot of people fought hard to make sure we can live free. Mom told me those people had dogs who worked hard to protect the homesteads and the livestock. She says if we weren't free, there's a chance we couldn't be together. That would make me sad.

Freedom is a fine thing. We all need to be diligent and protect it so we can all live together. Be the pack. That's the best way.