Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow day!

It snowed again and this time it snowed a lot! Mom came home from work on Monday and said we'd probably have a snow day tomorrow. I didn't get it. I'd seen snow and it was no big deal. How could snow prevent Mom from going to work? 

Well, now I know! Sometimes a lot of snow can fall and build up on the ground. And it can snow for hours and hours. I'm glad Mom didn't try to drive through all that. Staying home with me and Dad was a lot better. 

Mom got up at her usual time because I'm on a schedule. I go outside to pee at six o'clock every morning. Mom took her phone along to get a video of me the first time I saw this much snow. 

It was so much fun! Mom threw the Frisbee but I didn't take it back to her right away. Digging in the deep snow was too cool. And Dad said sometimes the snow is even deeper! I can't wait! 

I knew I was being bad when Mom told me to bring her the Frisbee and I didn't. I tried to pretend I couldn't hear her but I could. Mom tried to be firm but she was laughing under her breath at me. I deserved it, though. I finally did give her the Frisbee and she put her phone away and we played for awhile. Then we both had cold feet so we went inside. 

It was fun to have Mom home all day. We watched it snow and went in and out all day to play. After it finished snowing, the wind started to blow and Mom said "no" to playing more Frisbee. That was okay because I was getting tired! I sleep really good that night. 

Mom says it'll be months and months before it snows again. I hope I remember snow until then.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I glow in the dark!

I'm a black dog so when Mom and I go outside after dark, I disappear. Apparently, I've worried Mom a few times, so much so she got me a fancy lighted collar. 

The blue glow makes me feel prancy. When I go around the corner, I can see better, too. It mostly shows me things I'd like to pick up off the ground and taste, but Mom doesn't like me to do that. 

Anyway, Mom and I walked out the lane and she didn't have to call for me to come back at all. I went up into the thicket to see if a deer was there and she said, "I see you. Don't go any farther." So I didn't. 

Then Mom took a couple of pictures, one with flash and one without. I look like an alien dog! Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. 


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday morning with Mom

It's been awhile since I've had time to blog. Mom's been really busy. Her mom fell and is in the hospital. Whatever this Alzheimer's Disease is, it makes Mom sad so I do not like it. 

Mom was up early this morning. It was my fault. I was awake and bored so I nudged at her until she got up. I guess I should not have done that. Anyway, it happened and it might have been a good thing. 

This huge flock of blackbirds landed in the trees out back. They were soooo noisy. I barked and barked but they wouldn't shut up! Mom was annoyed and told me about how when she first moved here the blackbirds were a real problem. In fact, the old empty shotgun casings I find were left here in 1981 when Uncle Dick had to come and fire the shotgun to chase the birds away. Mom remembers that so she put a bullet in the little .22 and fired a shot. Those nasty birds took off! Mom's the boss, you know. 

Dad got up after that happened and they watched some of the cooking shows. Boring. In fact, I got so bored I hopped up on the loveseat with Mom and made her pay attention to me. Dad took our picture, which I don't think Mom liked because her hair was all messy. 

Mom told me to get off her lap. She says I weigh a ton but I know better. It's only seventy-five pounds, not two thousand. I asked nicely if I really had to get down so Mom relented and allowed me to stay on her lap until she finished her coffee. Then she took me outside and we played ball until she got cold. Dad took me out and we played Frisbee and I found his old Bluetooth earpiece that he lost last summer. He was happy and told me what a good boy I am.

Of course, I already knew that. I'm Deuce! 

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'll go pee later

Mom had to go to a viewing tonight. I'm not sure what that is but I know I had to stay home with Dad. 

For the record, I don't like when Mom goes out after dark without me. 

Come to think of it, I don't like to go out after dark without Mom. 

After  Mom got home, I needed to go outside, so we went. I was sniffing around, looking for the perfect spot, when Mom told me to look for the "critters."

I didn't see any critters. All I saw were eyeballs. Lots and lots of glowing eyeballs. I told Mom to RUN and took off for the house. Did she listen to me? Nooooo. 

She laughed. I'm not speaking to her right now. 

I never did get to pee and I might just hold it until morning. Those eyeballs were spooky!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A warm weekend in February

Mom, Dad and me have been enjoying a warm weekend. It's great to be outside in the sunshine. Sunshine means I get to play Frisbee for a long time and Mom will take me for a long walk. 

We took a walk a bit ago. Mom has a wristband gizmo that counts her steps. She took 6032 steps so I know I had to have run for 10,064. 

Mom took a short video of me and Dad playing Frisbee. We played for a long time but this is all the video Mom took. She said it was enough because I caught the Frisbee. 

Hey! I'm Deuce. If you throw the Frisbee correctly, I WILL catch it. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Never too old

Dad says I'll never be too big to sit on his lap. 

He might be wrong. I just fit. Like, JUST fit. But as long as Dad will help keep me from sliding off, I'll never be too old to enjoy a few minutes on his lap. It makes me remember when I was a little guy. 

He really is there. Those are his hands. Dad takes really good care of me. He'll never let me fall on my nose.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Watching tv with Mom

Dad took a picture of me on the loveseat with Mom. We were watching the Artful Detective. Mom doesn't allow me up on the sofa very often. We were talking to each other and she invited me up. 

Well, she talks. I make funny dog sounds. But we understand each other. It's all good fun. 

Dad took the picture, but there wasn't enough light so it's grainy. He tried a couple shots with the flash but I look like a devil dog with glowing eyes. 

It was nice to spend a few minutes being close to Mom, but there's not much room on the loveseat. Don't tell her, but sometimes when she's a work I take my afternoon nap on it. 

I'm Deuce. I know when to be sneaky, and that's when Mom's not watching. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

But...but... but... it smelled good!

I blew it again this morning. Mom and I like to go for a short walk before she leaves for work so I can do all my outside activities. 

So I did them. You know. The two "Ps."

Then I got a whiff of something very interesting. I found it. I rolled on it. Mom doused me with the garden hose (it was cold!) and lots of soap. 

Then I had to go in the crate. 

Now Mom is threatening to take me to the Pet Wash station. I must remember that even though it smells good to me, Mom might not like it. And if Mom doesn't like it, it's not a good thing for lil' ole me. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's good to feel good!

I feel so much better today - like my old self. I slept really well last night and then had a big
breakfast this morning. Mom played ball and Frisbee with me. It was fun. It seemed like forever since I've felt like playing. 

Even though I feel fine, I decided to take my nap on the bed. Mom tried to take my picture but I was in the middle of the bed with all four paws in the air. Mom said a picture like that would be puppy porn, and I had to move. 

I tried, but we got to playing and Mom finally scratched my chin and said she'd find a good picture that was almost like the way I look today. 

Mom's really glad I feel better, and so am I. I really did not want to go to the vet.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Oh, my stomach...

What did I eat? My belly hurts...

I've been feeling bad for a few days. I don't remember what I ate, but it bit me back. I had to go outside - and then I had to go again. And again. I got a good cleaning out but it was not a pleasant experience. Every time I'd get a drink, I'd have to go outside. So I stopped drinking and Mom went crazy. 

She started to talk about taking me to the vet. I do not like the vet. He sticks me with sharp needles. Mom gave me ice cubes and that was okay. So when Dad offered me a little Gatorade, I slurped it down. For future reference, it wasn't bad. It made me want to drink more. Can a dog get addicted to Gatorade?

I'm being very careful this morning. I drank a little bit and ate a Meaty Bone biscuit, but I'm not quite ready for a big meal. Maybe Dad will make me toast again. I liked that. I want to play ball, too, and Mom said no. She said I have to eat a meal first. Mom's tough, but she loves me. 

She got some of her homemade chicken broth out of the freezer and mixed it with water. I drank the whole bowl! She says if that "sits" well, in about an hour she'll put some over a little bit of my puppy chow and see what happens. 

Whatever I ate, and Mom says we'll never know because it was more than likely something outside on the ground, I hope this never happens again. 

I don't like to feel sick.