Friday, January 10, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 10 - Winter is boring

I'm tired of winter. My paws get cold when I go outside. And the squirrels aren't always out playing. I like to watch them and even chase them, sometimes. Winter is awfully boring. 

But there's hope! This morning Mom and I saw a chipmunk! He was a fast little sucker. Mom wondered what he was doing awake and outside his nest running around. It's supposed to get warm today, maybe in the fifties, so maybe the little bugger wanted to get a headstart on collecting more acorns. 

Anyway, I sniffed all over the ground where I saw him, but he'd vanished - again. I think I've seen him right there at that spot before. There was nothing to do but finish our walk and go back inside the house and wait for the sun to rise over the mountain. When that happens, maybe I can convince Dad to take me back outside. 

Winter is soooooooo boring. 

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